Kids’ Art Auction Success!

For the past several weeks kids ages 7 to 16 have been gathering at Lux on Friday afternoons to make and donate their artwork to the kids’ art auction at Lux’s annual Lux After Dark gala that took place on Saturday, October 1. The kids’ artwork was the star of the evening and raised nearly $3,000!

The larger than life can paintings drew the most bids!

Everyone loved the animal prints.
The map of the world drew big laughs and big bids!

“Birdie” and “Giraffe,” along with several other animal woodblock sculptures, rounded out the show.
Many thanks to the young artists who contributed to Lux After Dark 2011!

Audrey Barajas
Isabella Beckman
Griffin Beckman
Anna-Isabelle Bruey-Sedano
Jules Bruey-Sedano
Sonia Burns
Kendall Chocholek
Morgan Chocholek
Alexandra Deng
Sol Manuel Garza
Victoria Garcia
Isabella Gonzales
Evvia Gonzales
Ryan Grant
Lila Kohn
Alyssa Latsen
Natalie Lauerman
Sydney MacDonald
Rebecca Madden
Onyx Oliveira
Aiden Paul
Ben Paul
Ariana Stevens
Brody Sturgis
Rory Sturgis
Susan Wahl

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