Where are they now?

We caught up with former Lux Summer Art Camp student Saul this past week at his elementary school when Lux Outreach Educator Johnny King visited his class with Lux’s portable art museum, the Valise Project.

Saul was so excited that Lux was visiting his class–his teacher told us he had it marked on his calendar for weeks! We presented the Field Box valise in his classroom and Saul, along with the rest of his classmates, did an amazing job painting beautiful landscapes on log slices. Saul has always been a great artist and student (we like to think he learned a lot from Lux’s Summer Art Camp).

After the project was over Saul wanted to show Lux teacher Mr. Johnny something. He started off by reminding Mr. Johnny that he had missed printmaking week in the summer and was unable to create a t-shirt with the rest of the students. He told Mr. Johnny that he was so disappointed that a few weeks after Summer Art Camp he went to his uncle’s house where they worked on creating their very own “Lux” shirts.

Lux Art Institute is very proud of Saul for all he accomplished during summer camp, the weeks following camp, and for what he is currently doing in the 2011-2012 school year. Saul is a great artist, student, and person. Keep up the great work Saul!

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