These Kids-in-Residence are literally in-residence!

When scheduled resident artist Lila Jang wasn’t able to come to the US for her exhibition and residency, Lux’s Kids-in-Residence after-school group offered to fill in. “There are twelve of us–we can each take a few days in the studio!” they offered. We managed to fill in Lila’s residency slot with a talented line-up of San Diego-based artists and furniture makers, but the kids still wanted to experience what it would feel like to literally be “in-residence.”
So here they are, occupying the artist’s residence. “Don’t look at the camera!! Pretend like we actually live here!”
This Thursday they got to meet with visiting artist Kim MacConnell and watch him put the finishing touches on his creation “Heraldic Couch,” which boasts a family crest and images of a car, a credit card, keys and a high-heeled shoe.
As he squeezed paint from the tube directly onto the thrift-store couch he warned them “Don’t try this at home!”
Anything a Lux resident artist does, the Lux Kids-in-Residence must try. So after meeting with Kim they went to work on painting their own couch.
More photos of this Kids-in-Residence adventure are coming soon!

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